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Daisybox Cremation Casket


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Daisybox Cremation Casket

Patented, affordable and environmentally-friendly Daisybox cardboard caskets are now available.

The Bio Nature Casket is our preferred choice of casket for a no attendance cremation.

You may choose to write special messages of love on the casket, paint it, decorate it or place a pall supplied by the funeral director or even a hand-made quilt over the cardboard casket.

Daisybox caskets have taken on a special meaning for both grieving families and for those who have passed on. No other casket can become such an integral part of the memorial service. While expensive timber caskets with gold handles stand out, they serve no purpose other than to make the living feel good.

Bio Nature Caskets or Daisybox caskets offer much more. A Daisybox® changes the dynamic at a funeral or memorial service. By allowing family or friends to decorate the casket, with writing, drawings, poems or pictures, they become an eternal testimony to a life that was loved and cherished.

A Daisybox casket chosen before death has occurred in the family, becomes a final sign of respect from the deceased, for the living.

Imagine sitting in a service, looking at a Bio Nature Casket covered in beautiful sentiments and emotions. You don’t see a casket, you see heartfelt final goodbyes that can’t be reproduced in any other way. As the casket leaves the service, whether to be laid to rest or cremated, you know that those deepest feelings are going with your loved one.

What a moment. What a gift. A gift to the family from the departed.

When choosing a Bio Nature Casket, you’ll be celebrating the life of a loved one in the most personalised and dignified way. Time-permitting, you, your family and/or friends can say goodbye to a loved one in a Daisybox casket in one of many ways:
  1. DIY Decorate – Take in a flat-packed, uber-light Bio Nature Casket  and DIY decorate the natural kraft fibreboard surface at a funeral home, at home or in a community hall in the weeks or days leading up to a funeral. Decorate with dried flowers, photos, colored markers, pens or water-color paints to create poetry or unique artwork that’s a conversation starter at a funeral service. The final creative outcome is totally up to you. Use this link for decorating ideas. Bio Nature Casket Decoration.