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Camphor Laurel Solid Timber Coffin


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The stunning evergreen tree, Camphor Laurel, grows up to 30m tall. Its leaves have a glossy and waxy appearance that smell of camphor when crushed. The trees produce lush, bright-green foliage and masses of small white flowers in springtime too.

Camphor Laurel trees were introduced into Australia from Asia in 1822. The Camphor Laurel tree was planted as a garden ornamental in eastern Australia from northern Queensland to Victoria. Recently, the trees have been declared an invasive species and are no longer commercially grown or sold.

A beautiful, often honey-coloured timber, Camphor Laurel heartwood (the ‘dead’ central core of a tree trunk) varies broadly in colour from pale to mid brown and can often be streaked with darker brown or red.

Sapwood (the younger, outermost wood, used to transfer water from the roots to the leaves) has many colours ranging from almost white to dark browns and reds.

Camphor Laurel grain is usually interlocked with a moderately fine and even texture. Its extraordinary strong dark grain against a yellow base creates distinctive furniture and especially fine-looking casket and coffin designs, such as this Camphor laurel solid timber coffin.

Camphor Laurel Coffin Features:

  • Traditional coffin shape with clean edges and elegant lines.
  • Constructed from Solid Timber from the Camphor Laurel Tree and finished with a high-quality gloss
  • Upholstered white satin interior
  • Double raised lid
  • Your choice of either gold or silver drop bar wooden handles

Coffin Product Disclaimer

Our supplier takes every care in ensuring that both the colour and design of our product is accurately portrayed in our advertising information. Please note: Each Camphor Laurel Coffin or casket looks unique, as the grain varies widely.