Direct Cremations Only

Cremations Direct Non Attendance Cremation Service:


Please note: Direct Cremations fee for Sunshine Coast please add $110.00.

No provision is made for a funeral service or attendance of mourners at any point of the funeral. The Funeral Director will arrange for the private cremation of the deceased. Many families select this option with a “Memorial Service” held after the cremation takes place. The cremated remains may or may not be present at the memorial service. This is for Direct Cremations only.



This includes the following:

  • Funeral Arrangement Conference either in the comfort of your home or at our office.
  • Transfer of the deceased during normal office hours.
  • Cremation Permit.
  • Cremation Coffin.
  • Death Certificate from Births, Deaths & Marriages.
  • Delivery of the Cremated Remains Back To The Family.

Additional Fees:

  • Death notice in the Courier Mail – $300.00
  • Celebrant to hold Memorial Service or Ashes Scattering Ceremony $440.00
  • Cremation Urn
  • Transfer of the deceased after hours – $375.00