Cremation Service

Cremations Direct Complete Funeral Care:


Options to consider

  • Funeral Arrangement Conference either in the comfort of your home or at our office.
  • Transfer of the deceased after hours – $375.00
  • Order of Service Booklets (4 page full colour) $ 2.00 each
  • Paper Notice (Courier Mail) $330.00 (average cost)
  • Viewing No Charge
  • Memorial DVD (Done by Cremations Direct Staff) No Charge
  • Recording of Service (if facilities available) No Charge

 Cremations Direct Repatriation Service:

Cremations Direct is one of Queensland’s leaders in intrastate, interstate and international repatriations; our formally qualified staff ensures the highest level of professional service to our client families.

The cost of repatriation can be expensive; however the cost is sometimes covered by travel insurance. Cremations Direct is committed to containing costs for our client families.

Cremations Direct will liaise with all relevant state and federal government departments as well as any consular representatives on your behalf keeping you informed at every step. Please do not hesitate to contact us 24/7 via email or phone with any questions you have regarding the repatriation process.